Jon, Tim and I have started creating a Munchkin like game. First few steps is creating a text based version, to get the basic gameplay then to add an interface. Follow along here

The third party development in Hearthstone, the CCG created by Blizzard is strictly focused around "Deck Trackers". A deck tracker is a tool that as its name implies keeps track of what cards are left in the users deck, as well as what cards the user has played. A common

Many people drive low / lowered cars which can make driving in new areas a challenge. The locations of large pot holes and shopping plazas with drive ways so steep trucks have a hard time entering are things that we tend to master only in areas we frequently visit. What if

Arms warriors received the short end of the stick with the last live patch, changes to abilities has caused major shift in the "optimal" rotation. Modifications are being made, and will go in to play testing within the next few days. Follow the development with the link below will be

The Fire Mage and Arms Warrior Assist HUDs are complete and under going play tests by select users. Final changes to the rotations will be made upon conclusion of the play tests. Follow development with the link below. Assist HUDs

Reworked Pokemon evolution charts, charts now represent a range of data for the lowest / highest possible CP range for the species as well as for the individual Pokemon. An error has been addressed in which multiple charts were being generated for Pokemon with only 1 evolution.

The player assist HUD for Outlaw Rogue is almost complete, play test parse results have shown players guided by the assist HUD preforming at efficiency levels equal to and in some cases greater than players with an iLvl up to 20 levels higher than their own. Results are heavily factored

With the the new reworked game mechanics in the World of Warcraft's newest expansion Legion, new and old players find themselves relearning how to play and master each class. Using the WeakAuras plugin, I am in the process of creating a tool to help assist players learn how to play

One large set back of using custom reports in SuiteScripts, is the inability to dynamically change the date range of the reports themselves without actually changing it in the web based interface. After contacting NetSuite about this issue they mentioned that this is functionality they left out and dont plan

The formulas and calculations are complete. New charts have been added for each possible evolution as a visual representation of the Pokemons possible CP given the best and worst possible IVs, as well as where your Pokemon falls in that range. Forulas and calculation explanations have been included in the

IV's have been confirmed, and the formulas have been found (credit to /u/Fourier864) Each Pokemon has 3 IVs: Strength, Stamina, and Defense. Each IV ranges anywhere from 0-15. IV's are randomly generated for each Pokemon captured and will not improve by upgrades. Therefore it is best to wait until

Its almost the end of beta, myself as well as many other trainers have noticed the existence of IVs just like with all Pokemon games. No one is 100% sure on exact details yet but we know they exist, and to any competitive player they will make a difference. Planning

Finance Tracker As a work side project, the finance team wanted a tool they could use to average intraday stock data to try to find trends. Finance Tracking Usage: Enter a stocks ticker symbol (NASDAQ / NYSE only) This project is a work in progress, being developed as the finance team

When searching records in NetSuite using the GUI, there is no restriction to the amount of results the search is allowed to return. When using SuiteScript each search is limited to returning a maximum of 1,000 results. This is the workaround I created, to sidestep this issue. There is